This is the second to embrace Islam within this month Alhamdulellah.

He declared shahada today after Friday prayer at Umma Mosque



A Canadian sister embraced Islam after Jumaa prayer at Ummah Mosque. Halifax, NS, Canada.

May Allah bless her and grant her steadfastness. 
May Allah utilize us to the benefit of his religion.


14/Oct/2017    (Photos)

Raising the Canadian flag ceremony at the Ummah Masjid And Community Center to mark Canada’s 150th Anniversary and to mark our belonging to this beautiful country.
A Muslim philanthropist from Toronto (Mr. Jawad Rathore, CEO of Fortress RDI) generously donated the flag and the post ($3000)
This event is part of the initiative, launched by “The Canadian-Muslim Vote (TCMV)”, that aims to raise a Canadian flag in front of mosques across the country in celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017.


Prayer Times

Halifax - Canada

الأربعاء 28 المحرّم 1439
Wednesday October 18 2017
Athan Iqama
Fajr 6:14 6:25
Chourouk 7:34
Duhr 1:00 1:20
Asr 3:55 5:00
Maghrib 6:24 06:34
Ishaa 7:45 08:25
Jummah 1:30

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