1- Quran Competition

Applied form.


2- (Eitkaf) Retreat in the mosque

Applied form.


3- Are you Ready? 



If you haven't prepared already, don't fret. Here's a ten-point guide for a guaranteed successful Ramadan (or your samosas back) 

    1. Fast five or more of the coming ten days, to prepare your body and soul for the blessed month.

    2. Cut off daytime caffeine, nicotine, and sugary drinks in daytime immediately. The first few days of withdrawal might make you a nasty person, and you don't want to act like that in Ramadan. 

    3. Pray every night starting this night. Start with ten verses only of Quran. Then add ten every night until you reach a hundred by Ramadan. Read from the Qur'an in prayer if you haven't memorized a hundred. The Messenger of God said: "Whoever prays a night with ten verses, will not be counted among the heedless. Whoever prays a night with a hundred verses, will be counted among those who prayed the entire night..." a hundred verses in short suras will take less than fifteen minutes!

    4. Put a donation plan for Ramadan. The earliest days are most needed for the hungry, and the last days are greatest in reward. Balance your budget.

    5. Aim to discard one bad habit, and to attain one good one. Be sincere that you'll continue on that past Ramadan, and by God's mercy, you will.

    6. Use every spare minute in the night to recite the Qur'an. 

    7. Use every spare minute in the day to recite the Qur'an.

    8. If you're free, see 6 and 7.

    9. If you're busy, take a break and see 6 and 7.And finally,

    10. Remember this is a month of competitiveness in goodness. God said: "In that, let the competitors compete.". Let your slogan be: no one will beat me to the mercy of God this Ramadan. 

Ramadan Mubarak!

Prayer Times

Halifax - Canada

الجمعة 9 ذو القعدة 1439
Friday July 20 2018
Athan Iqama
Fajr 4:03 04:35
Chourouk 5:48
Duhr 1:21 1:30
Asr 5:25 5:30
Maghrib 8:53 09:03
Ishaa 10:38 10:40
Jummah 1:30

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