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Who is god? and Is he worthy of worship?

Who is god? and Is he worthy of worship?

God is a maximally perfect Being. He possesses all the perfect names and attributes to the highest degree possible. In Islam, God is described as the The-Loving, and this means that His love is the most perfect and greatest love possible. It is because of these names and attributes that God must be worshipped. We always praise people for their abilities, kindness, knowledge and wisdom. However, God’s power, kindness, knowledge and wisdom are to the highest degree possible with no deficiency or flaw.  God is also the only One entitled to our supplications and prayers. He knows best what is good for us, and He wants what is good for us. Such a Being with these attributes must be prayed to, and be asked assistance of. 

Therefore, He is worthy of the most extensive form of praise, and praising God is a form of worship. In this light, God is worthy of worship by virtue of who He is. God is worthy of our worship because there is something about God that makes Him so, he is the Being with the most perfect names and attributes.

“It is truly I. I am God! There is no God worthy of worship except Me. So worship Me alone, and establish prayer for My remembrance.” The Qur’an, Chapter, 20, Verse 14

Anas Hatem

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