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Free HardCopy of The Quran

Free Hardcopy of the Quran

Please Note: We're currently operating within the Maritimes only
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Note: These are English translated copies, which mainly sponsored for those want to know about Islam.

Prayer Times
May 21, 2024
Fajr Iqamah

4:30 am

3 Hours 47 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr3:55 am 4:30 am
Sunrise5:40 am
Zuhr1:11 pm 1:30 pm
Asr5:15 pm 5:30 pm
Maghrib8:43 pm 8:53 pm
Isha10:28 pm 10:38 pm
Jumuah 1:30 pm | 2:30 pm