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Family Support Committee

The Muslim community in Canada generally, and in Nova Scotia specifically, is continuously growing day by day. The population of our Canadian Muslim Community, which is now estimated to be over 1,000,000, come from many different demographics and backgrounds and as such represent a mix of different cultures and habits.
Inevitably, such continuous growth and diversity will bring with it a large number of social problems that need to be addressed and dealt with carefully. We as Muslims have our special circumstances in which we have to fulfill our religious duties and preserve our Islamic identity. As such, there is a great need for family and social services that are based on the Islamic doctrine and also recognize the context of the Canadian environment.
Because of this urgent need, we created a Family Committee that provides effective, trusted and confidential family support to Muslim Families in the province of Nova Scotia. In this regard, we are intending to provide non-clinical family support to the members of our Muslim community who may be in need of such services. While we may add other services depending on the needs of our community, the intention is to start with the following:
  • Pre-marital non-clinical counselling.
  • Prenuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements.
  • Marriage non-clinical counselling.
  • Divorce non-clinical counselling.
  • Comprehensive Educational and Family Support
  • Grief & Loss.



If you would like to contact us or recommend a community member to contact us, please email ([email protected])


We would love to serve you and support all Muslim families 



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