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Maintaining such as a large building and facility to serve a whole community can incur many expenses: heating, water, electricity, repairs & enhancements, natural gas, etc.

Ummah Masjid therefore depends mostly on donations followed by revenues from fundraising plus recreational events for it to remain sustainable.

It is for this reason we urge you to spend in the way of Allah (subhana wa taalaa) so that you can help our organization become sustainable and for you to earn immense rewards in this life and the hereafter inshaa’ Allah!

Jazakum Allahu Khayran!

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Prayer Times
June 16, 2024
Zuhr Iqamah

1:30 pm

6 Hours 21 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr3:34 am 4:30 am
Sunrise5:28 am
Zuhr1:15 pm 1:30 pm
Asr5:24 pm 5:45 pm
Maghrib9:02 pm 9:12 pm
Isha10:57 pm 11:07 pm
Jumuah 1:30 pm | 2:30 pm