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Asslamau alaikum community of khair,
By the grace of Allah, we had a wonderful Eid gathering on Friday. For those who missed, that was covered in the news so you can get a glimpse:
All Imams and all Masajid coming together in one place was the best gift we could give each other, a feeling that cannot be described by words. May Allah reward with Jannah all those who worked hard for making it happen.
The Ramadan food drive ended up a great rallying event for the entire community from all the Masajid and throughout the city. It reflected the engagement of the entire community. It is by working together on tangible projects that we foster and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, we are in need of more community-wide projects that bring us all together.
Today, Monday, InshAllah we are celebrating the event with the charities we collaborated with, who will be picking up the packages from the Ummah Mosque. We will have a BBQ at 6:30 pm. All are invited.
As this project really excited us and energized us, I am throwing down a challenge to you: Men, Women and Youth ...
We live in a generous country that gives its citizens so much and we need to give back to the community. Be creative and imaginative and come up with some cool projects that are truly Islamic and Canadian at the same time, that vibe with our Canadian culture and our Islamic values.
Surprise us, Stupefy us, Impress us, Dazzle us, Rock our World!
Our community has a lot of talent and we need to identify that talent and nurture it, it will do wonders. We need to empower our women and youth to do more. They are a source of an unbeatable renewable energy that will sustain our future. We are here to support you and guide you in the process, we are all ears to your suggestions. Please email your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You are a great community. Keep up the good work.
Request: Share Photos and videos
We are in need of documenting the recent events we had and we are asking all of you who have taken pictures and videos at Ocean shore cleanup, Point Pleasant cleanup, Gaza Iftar, the food drive in the mall, at the fastathon Iftar at the Ummah Mosque and at the Eid prayer and eid party in Atlantic playland, to share your photos and videos. Please email photos and videos (large files via dropbox/hightale-like services) to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

jazakum Allah khair

We are a part of this community, we have a voice and our opinion matters, so why do we not use this privilege and right given to us to benefit Islam and Muslims in HRM?

Please take this quick Election survey and let us know what change you would like to see our government make!

Share this widely with your family and friends.

Jazakom Allah Khier!

Halifax Muslim Community List of Demands for the Canadian Federal Election

Muslims of Halifax
Share the Spirit of Ramadan

Why are we sharing?

…because for a whole month every year, we feel hunger. The month is called “Ramadan” and from dawn until dusk, we do not consume any food or water.

…because we are obliged to share what we’ve been blessed with, including our happiness. We are thankful for what we have, and we want to share the joy of Eid ul-Fitr which commemorates the end of another successful Ramadan.

…because no human being should starve. Halifax is our community and we will share our joy with our fellow humankind locally.
…because we really care for our neighbours and our community members.

For A Greater Cause
…"‘We feed you for the sake of God alone: no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks.’ "-Holy Qur’an, 76:9

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Assalamu alaikum community of khair,

I pray to Allah you are enjoying this great month of Ramadan and that Taqwa is building up in your heart day after day. It is beautiful to see the Quran changing our lives for the better and to feel that spiritual uplifting during this blessed month. As we listen to the Quran and engage in intense Dua,  our hearts fill with Iman and as our bodies feel hunger and the yearly pains of the needy our hearts soften and lead us to caring and compassionate  actions that glow in the darkness of indifference.
All of us have been have appalled by the wave of terror that swept the world on Friday.  There was nothing godly or compassionate in any of them, simply sheer disrespect of human life and hatred. We need to stand against these horrible crimes committed in the name of Islam by people who have little to do with Islam. We need to stand up against these people and speak clearly and loudly. The best of words are our actions that reflect the true compassionate spirit of Islam based on love, care and tolerance.

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